New Members are always welcome, whether new to re-enactment or existing members in other groups and societies.

If you wish to become a member, you will need to join both Pulteney's and Lace Wars. You will then be able to participate in all Lace Wars events, you will also be able to attend selected New France Old England events. To attend other New France Old England events will require membership of that society also.

Under Instruction

We recognize that acquiring the necessary equipment and uniform items is time consuming and expensive, therefore in order to help new recruits we have a small stock of regimental equipment and a list of suppliers that will give you some idea of availability. Unless you are very fortunate it is unlikely you would have the full set of equipment in the first year, whilst this may limit your ability to participate fully in some events we will do our best to find a role for you until you are fully equipped (However it is rare that we are unable to equip a new member at an event). As non firing roles within the regiment are very limited it is also essential that you either have or are willing to apply for a shotgun certificate in order to use a firelock musket. We can advise you on the legal acquisition and use of a musket.

If you wish to join or require additional information please contact us. We would be happy to discuss with you what re-enacting with Pulteney's entails and can arrange for you to attend a trial weekend before you make your decision.

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