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18th Century Re-enactment

Lace Wars - The Confederation of Mid Eighteenth Century Re-enactors (UK based)
10th Regt. of Foot - US based, British 10th Regt. (1776-83).
44th Regt. of Foot - US based, British 44th Regt. (1755).
77th Highland Regt. - US based Re-enactors (1757-63).
Cobham's (10th Dragoons) - British cavalry unit, UK based.
Compagnie de Lacorne - Canadian based French unit.
Gordon's Company - US based Re-enactors.
Hessen-Militaer - German Re-enactors.
Jersey Militia - Channel Islands Militia of the 1780's.
Les Regiments du Passe - French Re-enactors.
Muskets of the Crown - US based, 77th Foot (1757-63) & 42nd Foot (1776-83).
Nordharzer Altertumsgesellschaft e.V. - German Re-enactors.
Potsdamer Riesengarde 'Lange Kerls' e.V. - German Re-enactors.
Regiment Irlandois de Dillon - Irish in the service of France, UK based.
Regiment zu Fuss von Quadt ( Nr.9) - Prussian Re-enactors.
Roger's Rangers - US based Re-enactors.
Rose and Thistle - Jacobites and Civilian, UK based.
Senior Service - British Navy, UK based.
The Mannered Mob - 18th Century Civilian, UK based.

Re-enactment Suppliers

Avalon Forge - Goods for 18th Century Living History.
Derbyshire Arms - Makers of fine period firearms for the re-enactor.
Foxblade Trading - Manufacturers and suppliers of Leatherwork and Metal accessories.
G. Gedney Godwin - Specialists in 18th century military reproductions.
Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. - Suppliers of 18th and 19th century reproductions.
Kalamazoo Living History Show - We Bring History Alive!, US based.
Karl Robinson - Leather Worker.
Kitty Hats - Period hats and woolcrafts.
Kochan & Phillips Historical Textiles - Reproduction historical textiles. NEW
Military Metalwork - Makers of Reproduction Historical Accoutrements.
Naval & Military Press - Books, Publications and CD-Roms.
Sarah Juniper - Handsewn Boots and Shoes.
SJ's - Authentic reproductions of historical clothing.
Smiling Fox Forge - 18th Century Reproductions.
The Discriminating General - Military Heritage Weapons and Uniforms.
The Kings Arm's Press and Bindery - Reprints of 18th c. books and pamphlets.
The Merchant Venturers - Items include 18th c. writing goods and glassware.
The Original Re-enactors Market - Twice yearly UK re-enactors market.
Tinkers Tailor - Diverse accoutrements for the 18th Century.
Trinity Court Potteries - Replica ceramics, iron age to 18th century.
Wyedean Weaving - Textile accoutrements for uniforms.

The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion

The Cloathing Book 1742 - The 1742 uniform plates for British Regiments.
Documents Illustrating Jacobite History - Texts of original documents.
Jacobites - Sources of information relating to the Jacobite Rebellion.
The Lyon in Mourning - A collection of speeches, letters, journals etc. relative to the affairs of Prince Charles Edward Stuart.
Prince Charles Edward Stuart - A very long and fascinating history of his attempt to re-gain the British throne. From his landing in Scotland to his eventual defeat and escape to France.

Other Sites of 18th Century Interest

1700's - Rococo - 18th Century fashion, including patterns etc.
An historical journal of the campaigns in North America for the years 1757-1760
- The journal of Captain John Knox.
A Vision of Britain Through Time - Daniel Defoe, A Tour through England and Wales divided into circuits or journeys (vol. 1)
Eighteenth-Century Resources - Links to eighteenth century Internet resources.
Gen Maps - Old and Interesting maps of England, Wales and Scotland.
Internet Library of Early Journals - A digital library of 18th and 19th Century journals. John's Military History Page - The Seven Years War.
LeBlond's Treatise of Artillery 1746 - On line electronic book.
Le Tricorne - The Fontenoy research group (French site)
Nec Pluribus Impar - 17th and 18th century military magazine online (French site)
Praetiriti Fides, Exemplumque Futuri - 18th century military website (French site)
The Diary of Viscount Percival - English political diary 1730-1747 (searchable).
The National Archives - The National Archives and online catalogue.
The National Library of Scotland - Military Maps of Scotland (18th century).
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey - Accounts of criminal trials 1674 to 1834.
The Writings of George Washington - Includes the French & Indian war.
William Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture - English artist, best known for his satirical prints. 

Other Sites of Interest

Afaktor - German magazine for re-enactors, Ancient to WWI.
Caliver Books - Military book specialists.
Bryant White - Historical Art.
EventPlan - Event organisation and management services. - Living history resources and forums.
Living History Portraits - Professional Artist Michael Sly.
Osprey Publishing - Publishers of military history books.
Phil Moss - Artist and Illustrator.
P. Patrick White - Historic Art & Illustrations.
Rost und Grünspan - Swiss military re-enactors, portraying the Swiss armed forces between 1850 and 1983.
Service Publications - Publishers of militaria books incl. C18th related.
Somerset Military Museum - The Regimental Museum.
The Rifles - Todays successor's to the 13th foot.


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