The Camp on Lexden Heath 1741


From The Gentlemen's Magazine vol 11 May 1741 page 277


Regiments appointed to go to Flanders, to march at an Hours Warning.
Horse.] The King’s own Regiment commanded by the E. of Pembroke, Montagu’s and Wade’s. – A Detachemnt of 70 Men out of each Troop of Horse Guards. Ditto out of the Grenadier Guards.
Dragoons.] Hawley’s, Campbell’s, Honywood’s and Cadogan’s
.] Howard’s, Whetham’s, Pultney’s, P?ers’s?, Campbell’s, Cornwallis’s and Handasyd’s. – A Brigad of 3 Battallions of the Foot Guards, - amounting in all to 9664 Men. – And a Train of Artillery.

 From The Gentlemen's Magazine vol 11 June 1741 page 331

On the 26th they began to clear the Ground on Lexden Heath near Colchester, for the encamping by July 8 of the Troops for Flanders.

 From The Gentlemen's Magazine vol 11 July 1741 page 386

Friday 10

A Train of Artillery, and 100 Matrosses from Woolwich to attend it, was ordered for the Camp at Lexden Heath near Colchester.

 Ipswich Journal newspaper archive 1741


Colchester. August 22nd. On Monday next a Serjeant and three soldiers belonging to the regiment encamped on Lexden Heath are to be shot pursuant to their sentence at a court martial for desertion and other offences.

Location Map

Location Map
Lexden Heath
(near Colchester)

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