The Ban on Highland Dress

'An Act for the more effectual disarming of the Highlands'

-XVII And be it further enacted - That from and after the first Day of August one thousand seven hundred and forty-seven, no Man or Boy within that part of Great Britain called Scotland other than such as shall be employed as Officers and Soldiers in His Majesty's Forces shall, on any pretence whatsoever, wear or put on the clothes commonly called Highland Clothes (that is to say) the Plaid, Philabeg or little kilt, Trowse, Shoulder Belts - and no Tartan or party coloured Plaid or stuff shall be used for Great Coats or for Upper Coats; and if any such person shall presume - to wear or put on aforesaid Garments or any part of them, every such person so offending - shall suffer imprisonment without bail during the space of six months - and being convicted for a second offence - shall be liable to be transported to any of His Majesty's plantations beyond the Seas, there to remain for the Space of seven years.

Highland Dress

Accounts of its Enforcement

A Jacobite Rebel
in highland dress

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