The Ban on Highland Dress

 Historical Papers relating to the Jacobite Period 1699-1750
Quoted in 'The Jacobite Threat' by Bruce P. Lenman and John S. Gibson

Capt Hughes of Gl. Pulteney's Regmt.
 Head of Loch Rannoch

August 12th, 1749

Since last report, the Patroles took up in the Neighbourhood of Rannoch, Duncan McGregor, Donald Mcgregor, Donald McGregor, John Cameron, Alex. Robinson and John cameron, I sent them to Perth, and four of them were committed for wearing cloaths contrary to Act of Parliament.

Sept. 1st, 1749

This week the patroles between here and Killin took up Ten men, some of them dress'd in Tartan Trowyes and petticoats, short coats and shoulder straps and one Man Compleatly Dress in tartan Cloaths and Trowyer, But Mr. Campbell the Sheriff Depute, at that place dismissed them all. We also recovered the two Men, who had been rescued at Clifton in Kilts, without any alteration to their Dress, than Just Sewing the Kilt close before, in that manner they were sent before Mr. Campbell who also dismiss'd them, tho the Soldiers offer'd to Swear they were open when first apprehended, The two disbanded Highlanders have absconded ever since, I must be oblig'd to send my Prisoners for the future to Perth, as that Gentleman seems Resolved to commit none of them.

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