The Ban on Highland Dress

 Historical Papers relating to the Jacobite Period
Edited by Colonel James Allardyce, LL.D, Volume Second, Aberdeen MDCCCXCVI

Capt Edhouse of Gl. Pulteney's Regmt.
6th Captain's Command
 Brae Mar Barrack

June 3rd, 1750

I set out on Monday and patroled to Rebellachlagan which is about Six Miles from hence, at the head of The River Gairn, I only cross'd one Glen, which is Call'd Fander, till I came to the River which I was oblig'd ford to come to the place where the party stays which is a Barn belonging to the Laird of Invercald, the Men are pretty well accomodated as to Lodging and firing, but at present they Can get little or Nothing but Meal in the Country, as the Mutton will not be in season this Month, from thence I march'd towards Inchrory, about four Miles from that. The next day I went to Dubrach, about six Miles from the Castle, I found it very good Road, it lies at or Near the Head of the River Dee, which I was obliged to pass, and understand that after a Large fall of Rain, its Difficult fording it, its one Continued Glen from the Castle, Call'd from the River Glendee, The Men are in a Barn, and are pretty well accomodated having plenty of Blanketts, from the County people besides those they Carried from home. I went from thence towards Rebellachlagan, to the River Quech, which place I am inform'd is not fordable after Much Rain, there I order'd the two patroles to meet. I passed a small place call'd Enernaneshah and the Glens of Altefugle, and Gloshaltmore, found it pretty good Marching for the Men but quite Barren. On Wednesday I set out for the Spittle of Glenshee in Order to make the tour the other way, we march'd along the Made road through Glen Cluny to Glen bogg, so to the spittle there, there the party is something better off as they are Billeted, but are Much in the same situation as to provision, but they get some Meal, Milk and eggs, and would fare much better, if the Inhabitants were not up in their Shelings, some five or Six Miles amongst the Hills. I patroled from thence to Alternour about half way to Dubrach, where I order'd those parties to meet, but its a most Dismal Country as I ever saw being full of boggs, and Cross'd some very High Mountains. I went through Glen Patney towards Loch Nanain, and Came to Dubrach, but the four last Miles being all over Mountains, I saw Nothing worth Mentioning. I find the Country at present very Quiet, and by what I can learn in no great apprehension of Thieves. I meet with none in the Highland Dress, nor with Arms, I find Invercald and one Capt. Forbes to be extremely Civil, by doing everything thats in their power, to accomodate, the troops in this District, in the best Manner that is possible. The Men in this Castle are extremely well Lodged were it not for the
Rooms smoking, which is most terrible, we have no provision except Meal, but what we send to Aberdeen or Dunde for. I have taken Care to fix up Orders at all the Kirks within the District.


June 19th, 1750

Yesterday the patroling party returned but mett nothing extraordinary, by all the accounts I can learn they seem to agree that Serjt. More Alia Doe, who was Last year at the Head of a Thieving party is certainly gone over to Holland. June 30. My party's have patroled from hence and all the outposts Join'd at the places allotted them but mett with nothing extraordinary. The following is a List of the Military Stores Lodg'd in Braemar Castle June 27, 1750, Viz.

Stores in Braemar Castle

July 21st, 1750

I mentioned in my last my having sent to Aberdeen Goal one Donald Stewart, committed by Capt. Forbes for wearing part of the Highland Dress, the Goal keeper gave a receipt for him,- but immediately they Bail'd him out, and the man was at home before the party. My Serjt. took up likewise another man, in his way to Aberdeen and carried him before a Justice of peace who set him at liberty also, he had on a Tartan Coat with a waistcoat under it, in short the Justices in this Neighbourhood seem to pay little or no regard to the act of parliament except Capt. Forbes, therefore intend sending the next to perth.

Aug. 12th, 1750

As we have had a Continued Rain since Last report my party could not patrole, I understand there is a great many arms yet in this Country, I have made all the enquiry I can but as yet have not been able to find any of them, there has been no Cattle Stolen or anything extraordinary with this district.

Omitted in Capt. Edhouse report but put in, in the General report sent to H.R.H. July 25. Yesterday the officer with me took up a person wearing part of the Highland dress, he had on a short Tartan Coat with shoulder straps, I sent him to Capt. Forbes, a Justice of peace, who committed him to goal.

Oct. 7th, 1750

I sent a Corpl, and 4 Men into Glen Ilbay(?) to a place Call'd Kirkmichael, having received a report that six head of Cattle was taken out of that Glen belonging to four different people but they did not acquaint my Sergeant at Glen Shee of it till about eight Days after the Cattle were missing and at the same time the owners did not think them worth following, as they pretend they should Loose getting in their Harvest, my patroles went round all the district and made all the enquiries they could but did not get any account of their being any Thieves seen in this part of the Country, found no Arms or seen any in a dress contrary to Law. Nothing extraordinary, and by what I can learn by the Gentlemen of the Country that at this time of the year the Cattle often stray away and will be missing for a Considerable time, and yet they will find their way back again.

Nov. 4th, 1750

There has been such a prodigous Quantity of Snow fallen, wth in this fortnight past, that my Patroles could not go out, and it was with great difficulty, that I could get in my Reports from the out Parties. Nothing has happen'd extraordinary since my last Report.

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