The Ban on Highland Dress

Historical Papers relating to the Jacobite Period 1699-1750
Quoted in 'The Jacobite Threat' by Bruce P. Lenman and John S. Gibson

From Major Crawford, Perth
Augt. 7th, 1749

The Detachment of Genl. Pulteney's Regmt in Rannoch sent in to this place, on friday Night five Highlanders, taken up for wearing the Highland Dress Contrary to Law; they were Carried next Morning before Mr. Richardson, one of the Sheriffs Depute for this County, who acquitted one, as having a Blue upper Coat, but the other four, were Committed to Goal, in terms of the Act of Parliament, Viz.: one for wearing Trouse, And three for having Plaid upper Coats, They are Tennants to Sr. Robt. Menzies, and from the Parish of Fothrington.

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