1738/39 North Britain and Edinburgh


At this time the colonel of the 13th regiment of foot was Brigadier John Middleton, it was therefore referred to as Middleton's regiment. He died in May 1739 and command of the regiment passed to Henry Pulteney.


Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle


From The Belfast Newsletter 12th December 1738

Edinburgh, Nov. 20.


Last Friday one Parker, a Centinel of Major Cunningham's Company (in the Hon. Brigadier Middleton's Regiment) one of the auxiliary Companies garrisoned in the Castle, having got fuddled, attacked one of the drummers of Garrison, as he was beating the Tattoe, and would needs have him give over doing the Duty to humour his Frolick; where upon Words arising the Drum was interrupted for some Time, which however the Drummer in some measure compensated, by disciplining the Point of War on the Centinel's Scull. This Alarmed the Commandant, who imagining some of the Disaffected might have crept into the Garrison, called out, Who is that so audacious as to stop his Majesty's Drum? The Centinel answered, Why, Sir, I don't like your shitten Scotch Tattoe, not I, I'd have the Fellow beat the English one, Go to bed, Tom! Go to bed, Tom! And I'll dance to it for that Matter. Why then replied the Officer, don't you obey the Word of Command, and go to bed Tom? So much good Nature on the Part of his Officer might have inclined the Fellow to repair to his Barrack, yet he was mad enough to break the Drum to pieces with Feet and Hands, for which he was taken up, clapt in a Dungeon, and is to be tried by a Court Martial.


From The Belfast Newsletter 6th April 1739

Edinburgh, March. 26.


Last Week Thomas Harrison, Serjeant in Capt. Charleton's Company in Brigadier Middleton's Regiment, deserted, and carried with him the Arrears and part of the Company's pay. Quśritur, How far the Captain his Constituent is accountable for the poor Mens Money? Or, if he declines to pay them, what's the next Recourse?


From The Belfast Newsletter 15th May 1739

London, May. 5.


Yesterday died at York-house in the Strand, Brigadier John Middleton, member of parliament for the Burghs of Aberdeen, &c. Brigadier-general of his Majesty's forces and colonel of a regiment of foot.


From The Belfast Newsletter 3rd July 1739

Edinburgh, June  25.


Friday last powder, ball and flints were delivered from the Castle magazine for the regiment late Middleton's


From The Belfast Newsletter 13th July 1739

Edinburgh, July  3.


Yesterday the regiment late Middleton's marched hence for Berwick and that of major general Barril came in from the West, but last from Linlithgow, where a round scuffle happened betwixt some of them and a few of the inhabitants on Sunday night on which occasion 'tis said there were strange doings. And yesternight a cetinel of said corps, having got fuddled in the grass-market, beat a servant of the right hon. The earl of Stairs, &c. for which he was committed to the city guard.




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