The Battle of Culloden 1746

'As far as I could distinguish, at the distance of twenty paces, the English appeared to be drawn up in six (actually three) ranks, the three first being upon their knees, and keeping up a terrible running fire on us. My unfortunate friend Scothouse was killed by my side, but I was not so deeply affected at the moment of his fall as I have been ever since' -

The Chevalier de Johnstone, who charged with the Glengarry Macdonalds against Pulteney's.

Location Map

Accounts Of The Battle 

The Duke of Cumberlands account

Location Map
The Battle of Culloden
Scotland 1746

Following the battle the 13th regt. receives 276 13s 4d as its share of the 4000 bounty raised by the Lord Mayor of London.

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