Colonel Henry Pulteney

From The Belfast Newsletter 29th June 1739

Colonel Henry Pulteney of the Coldstream Guards


This morning at half an hour after nine o'clock, his majesty and the Duke of Cumberland, on horseback, and the four princesses in their coaches, attended by several of the ministers of state and general officers of the army, came to Hyde-park, when his majesty rode up to the right of the first regiment, then came down the front of the three regiments, they went through their exercise, by a signal given by col. Pulteney, from the top of a caravan fix'd in the front; after which they pass'd in review before his majesty, and coming to their former ground, they fir'd in platoons' &c. They made a very good appearance, being all clean and well powder'd; and though the action lasted about two and a half hours, and notwithstanding the fire was the hottest that most of them had ever seen, yet not a man gave ground. About one o'clock his majesty, the duke and the princesses return'd to Kensington.

Baron Stanberg and his lady, madam Valmoute, and several nobility and gentry in their coaches were present.


From The Gentlemen's Magazine vol 9 July 1739

A LIST of PROMOTIONS for the YEAR 1739.


Henry Pulteney Esq; - first Major of the Coldstream Reg. - Col. Of late Brig Middleton's Reg. of Foot.


From The Annual Register Vol. 10 Dec 1767



The Hon. General Henry Pulteney, only brother of the late William Earl of Bath, in the 82 year of his age, at Bath-house, in Piccadilly. He was abroad in Queen Anne's wars; was promoted to be a Colonel, August 3, 1733; a Major-general, July 3 1743; a Lieutenant-general, August 8 1747 and General in 1765. He was appointed to the command of the 13th regiment of foot, July 5, 1739; and some time after made Governor of Hull. Upon the decease of William late Earl of Bath, without issue, in 1764, he became possessed of his lordship's immense estates, both real and personal, some few legacies excepted; and in the year following resigned his regiment and government; the former of which was given to his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester. William Pulteney, Esq; son of Sir William Johnstone, who married Miss Pulteney, niece to the Late Earl of Bath and the General, who some time ago changed his name to Pulteney, by virtue of his Majesty's royal mandate, will by the General's death be possessed of a very large estate.


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