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The Jacobite Rebellion 1745-46
and The War of The Austrian Succession 1740-48

1745 - Stuart Reid
Culloden - John Prebble
Culloden - Edited By Tony Pollard NEW
Cumberland's Army - Stuart Reid NEW
Falkirk Or Paradise! - Geoff B. Bailey
Fontenoy - Denis Gandilhon NEW
Fortress Scotland And The Jacobites - Chris Tabraham / Doreen Grove
Highland Clansman 1689-1746 - Stuart Reid / Angus McBride
Like Hungry Wolves - Stuart Reid / Gerry Embleton
The War Of The Austrian Succession - Reed Browning
Witness To Rebellion - Iain Gordon Brown / Hugh Cheape

The French and Indian War 1754-63

Redcoats - Stephen Brumwell
Redcoats Along The Hudson - Noel St John Williams
Redcoats, Yankees And Allies - Brenton C. Kemmer
Reminiscences Of The French War - Robert Rogers/Freedom Historical Society
The French And Indian War 1754-1763 - Seymour I. Schwartz
The French-Indian War 1754-1760 - Daniel Marston
Ticonderoga Soldier - Harold A. Skaarup

The Seven Year's War

Battle For Empire - Tom Pocock
The Seven Years War - Daniel Marston

18th Century - General Military

A Soldier-Like Way - R. R. Gale NEW
Belonging To The Army - Holly A. Mayer
British Cavalry In The Mid-18th Century - David Blackmore NEW
British Redcoat 1740-1793
- Stuart Reid / Richard Hook
Clive - Robert Harvey
Colonel Samuel Bagshawe - Alan J. Guy
Destructive & Formidable - David Blackmore NEW
Fit For Service - J.A. Houlding
Gunner At Large - Rex Whitworth
Marlborough's Campaigns 1702-1712 - David Chandler
Nothing But My Sword - Sam Coull
The Battle of Poltava - Peter Englund
Richard Kane - Janet Sloss
The Anatomy Of Victory - Brent Nosworthy
The Golden Rock - Ronald Hurst
The Hexham Militia Riot 1761 - Tom Corfe 
The Journal Of Corporal William Todd 1742-1762 - Andrew Cormack / Alan Jones
The Military Experience In The Age of Reason - Christopher Duffy
The Wooden World - N.A.M. Rodger
Wolfe - Stuart Reid

18th Century - Non Military

1700, Scenes From London Life - Maureen Waller
Burt's Letters From The North Of Scotland - Edmund Burt
Con Men And Cutpurses - Lucy Moore
Dr. Johnson's London - Liza Picard
Hogarth - Jenny Uglow
The Early Hanoverian Age 1714-1760 - A.F. Scott
The Gentleman's Daughter - Amanda Vickery
The Much-Lamented Death Of Madam Geneva - Patrick Dillon
The Thieves' Opera - Lucy Moore

18th Century - Literature

A Modest Proposal And Other Satires - Jonathan Swift

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